flacc-, flacci-

(Latin: flabby, limp, weak, drooping)

flaccid (FLAK sid) (adjective), more flaccid, most flaccid
1. Conveying weakness or a lack of firmness, resilience, or muscle tone: While Carol's mother was working in the garden during the hot weather, she passed out because of her flaccid condition resulting from her old age and the hot weather.

An elderly man by the name of Tim was told by his physician that life can be very difficult at times; so, no matter what kinds of obstacles he might encounter, he should strive to be stronger physically and mentally so he can delay being completely overwhelmed by his flaccid conditions. 2. Descriptive of not having any energy or vigor: Warren simply could not finish the project he was working on in the evening because his sleepiness made him a flaccid person which hindered him from making any more efforts to complete his objectives.
3. Etymology: from Latin flaccidus from flaccus, "drooping, weak".

Relating to a lack of vigor or force and yielding to pressures without resistance.
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Easily persuaded to do something.
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flaccid bladder (s) (noun), flaccid bladders (pl)
An organ in the body that does not function to collect and to disperse liquid wastes from a person’s or an animal’s body: A flaccid bladder is unable to contract sufficiently to empty the urine because of neural deficiencies or chronic obstruction which is a disease or disorder that persists for a long period.
flaccid paralysis (s) (noun), flaccid paralyses (pl)
A loss of muscle tone, loss or reduction of tendon reflexes, atrophy, and degeneration of muscles: Flaccid paralysis is a result of lesions of the lower motor neurons of the spinal cord.
flaccidity (flak SID i tee) (s) (noun), flaccidities (pl)
1. Something that is not hard or solid: The doctor told Calvin that his flaccidity was a result of sitting around too much and not doing enough exercise.

Sometimes a man shows flaccidity when a beautiful woman says, "Oh, what a strong man you must be."

2. A lack of strength or force; weak: Some politicians have shown a flaccidity in their leadership and so they may not succeed in being re-elected.
flaccidly (FLAK sid lee) (adverb), more flaccidly, most flaccidly
Characteristic of lacking firmness, being insufficient or ineffectual in writing, leadership or reasoning: Alex delivered a speech to his baseball club that was more flaccidly boring than of any interest to his fellow members.
flaccidness (FLAK sid ness (s) (noun), flaccidnesses (pl)
A form of weakness in responding to other people: When Jane met her sister's new boyfriend, she had a flaccidness or a lack of interest in meeting him as indicated by her response which showed no vigor or energy.