(Latin: weeping, wailing, moaning; expressing sorrow, grief; strong disappointment, complaint)

lament (luh MENT) (s) (noun), laments (pl)
1. A passionate or emotional expression of sorrow or grief: Jim requested the pastor to have a special song to be sung by the church choir that expressed his laments during his mother's funeral.
2. A presentation of regret or disappointment; a complaint: Dorothy let the store know with her laments about the poor quality of the food mixer that she had purchased a week ago.
lament (luh MENT) (verb), laments; lamented; lamenting
To mourn or to express regret about a loss or death of someone: Henry and Sally were lamenting with great sorrow and tears about the death of their little son who was run over by a car while he was crossing a street.
lamentable (luh MEN tuh buhl, LAM uhn tuh buhl) (adjective), more lamentable, most lamentable
1. Relating to a thing or a circumstance that was terribly bad and very unacceptable: The lamentable food that was served at the restaurant was not just inferior, but it was also harmful in that it caused Jake and his family to be very sick and resulted in all of them vomiting.
2. A reference to an event, an action, or an attitude that is unfortunate, and very regrettable: Harry's lamentable behavior at the party, after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, revealed his lack of self-control.
Deplorable or mournful situation.
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lamentably (luh MEN tuh blee) (adverb), more lamentably, most lamentably
Descriptive of being disappointed and distressed about an outcome of some effort that has been made without success: When Mike's daughter failed her final exam, she was lamentably upset because she thought she had studied enough before going to a movie the night before the test was scheduled to take place.
lamentation (lam" uhn TAY shuhn) (s) (noun), lamentations (pl)
A passionate presentation of grief or great sorrow with crying: Margaret's singing of her emotional song was done with tears as she tried to express her lamentations of sadness and regrets of buying an unworkable cell phone from the store.
A song of sorrow and disappointment.
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lamented (luh MEN tid) (adjective), more lamented, most lamented
Descriptive of someone who has died: JoAnne was deeply disturbed about the loss of her lamented husband.
lamenter (luh MENT uhr) (s) (noun), lamenters (pl)
Those who are greatly upset or emotionally disturbed: Tim's neighbors and relatives were just a small part of the many lamenters who attended his funeral services.