(Latin: brisk, active, vigorous, energetic; great effort, requiring much energy, arduous)

Strenua inertia. (Latin quote)
Translation: "Energetic idleness; masterly inactivity." -Horace

An oxymoron from Horace telling us that it often takes a lot of work to appear to keep busy doing nothing.

strenuosity (s) (noun), strenuosities (pl)
An intense energy or a zealous and earnest attitude to successfully achieve something: Jerome had the strenuosity to bring his education to a successful end and to accomplish his desire to be a psychiatrist.

For years, Patricia has strived to achieve many strenuosities as a supporter of the poor people who are existing on the streets in her city.

strenuous (STREN yoo uhs) (adjective), more strenuous, most strenuous
1. Characteristic of showing great energy and effort: The trainer at the fitness studio told Jim to avoid strenuous exercise because repetition is better than overdoing it.

Farming is considered to be a strenuous occupation and climbing mountains is another strenuous activity.

The government's proposal to raise taxes has faced strenuous opposition from the citizens.

From a lexicographer's standpoint, compiling dictionaries is not a demanding profession, as a nervous and mental activity; however, it is a strenuous task to accomplish it better than most standard publications on and off the internet are doing it.

2. Etymology: borrowed from Latin strenuus, "active. vigorous, keen".
Descriptive of making great efforts and being an arduous task to accomplish.
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strenuously (STREN yoo uhs lee) (adverb), more strenuously, most strenuously
A reference to striving strongly and vigorously to achieve a desired goal or result: Many women are strenuously advocating equal pay for doing the same kind of work that men are doing.

The new airplane's customer satisfaction has been strenuously publicized by the passengers and the airline that is using it.

The shut down of the local railway station is being strenuously opposed by the residents of the town.

strenuousness (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
A condition in which someone is eager, earnest, or resolute to accomplish an objective: Jan was using all of the energy and strenuousness she could bring together to get her assignment completed on time for the newspaper story about the refugees who were fleeing to European nations in order to survive the destruction of their cities.
superstrenuous (adjective) (not comparable)
Beyond the normal effort or energy to accomplish a task or an objective: Don had to use superstrenuous struggles to get out of the crevice or hole of the glacier that he fell into while he was climbing a mountain.