(Unknown origin: act or habit of showing off)

flaunt (s) (noun), flaunts (pl)
The act of displaying or showing something: At the fitness studio, there was a man who apparently made use of flaunts to impress other people with his strength because he had much heavier weights with the workout equipment than anyone else.
flaunt (FLAWNT) (verb), flaunts; flaunted; flaunting
To display in a showy manner; to show off proudly, defiantly, or impudently: The seductive woman wanted to flaunt her fancy silk dress in order to display her good looks when she walked into the restaurant.

Boasting people flaunt their achievements, while modest persons let their successful accomplishments speak for themselves.

To show off to others.
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flaunter (s) (noun), flaunters (pl)
The act of showing something in a way so people will see it and regard the person with more respect: Janet is a flaunter who wears her fancy dresses and jewelry to work so others will admire her.
flauntily (adverb), more flauntily, most flauntily
Descriptive of being famous in one's efforts to be superior: Jack LaLanne was fauntily dedicated to being physically superior to other strong men which he demonstrated on television for 34 years.

"The Jack LaLanne Show" was the longest-running exercise program, and at first, he even paid for the airtime as a way to flauntily promote his gym and related health products.

flauntiness (noun) (no plural)
A broadcast or show that expresses superior contents: Jack LaLanne's program was picked up by the ABC network for nationwide broadcast in 1959 and his fauntiness continued until 1985.

The fauntiness of LaLane was shown on his 95th birthday with the release of his new book titled, "Live Young Forever".

flaunty (adjective), flauntier, flauntiest
Descriptive of feats that exhibit one's superior accomplishments: On June 10, 2005, then governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger paid special flaunty tribute to Jack LaLane, who was credited with demonstrating the benefits of fitness and a healthy lifestyle for 75 years.