(Uncertain origin: treat with disdain or contempt; to jeer)

flout (s) (noun), flouts (pl)
flout (verb), flouts; flouted; flouting
1. To treat with scorn or contempt; to mock or to insult: For some reason, when Jamie came home after being in his new high school, all he could do as he talked with his parents was to flout the teachers and students.
2. To break or to ignore a law, rule, etc. without hiding what one is doing or showing any fear or shame: Despite repeated warnings, Bianca has continued to flout the traffic laws in her community.

After being released from prison, Jake started to flout the law again by robbing the local bank.

To treat with contempt and disrespect.
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flouter (s) (noun), flouters (pl)
floutingly (adverb), more floutingly, most floutingly