(Greek > Latin: praise, approval, acclamation)

encomiast (en KOH mee uhst) (s) (noun), encomiasts (pl)
Someone who verbally extolls or compliments another person, people, or even a creature, for their outstanding accomplishments: When a little boy was attacked by a neighbor's vicious dog and saved by his cat that fought the dog, the newspaper and TV encomiasts let the world know how fortunate the child was to have such a brave cat.
encomiastic (en KOH mee as" tik) (adjective), more encomiastic, most encomiastic
1. A reference to bestowing compliments or glorifying others for achievements: The mayor had many encomiastic words for a woman who was being honored for her philanthropic efforts to help homeless people in her city.
2. Etymology: from Greek enkomiastes, which came from enkomiazein, "to utter praises and compliments".
encomiastical (en KOH mee as" ti kuhl) (adjective), more encomiastical, most encomiastical
Pertaining to bestowing praise or being eulogistic or laudatory: The head of the university presented an encomiastical speech during the graduation ceremonies to honor those who were getting their degrees.
encomiastically (adverb), more encomiastically, most encomiastically
Descriptive of an enthusiastic tribute to someone who has made an outstanding accomplishment: When the actress completed a very difficult scene in a movie, the film's director encomiastically congratulated her for her superb performance.
encomium (en KOH mee uhm) (s) (noun); encomiums (or) encomia (pl)
1. A formal text, statement, or action that expresses high praise for someone: An encomium is usually a formally spoken expression of high approval or admiration and tribute to a person for his or her outstanding achievements.

Normally, the recipient of a special Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement does not appear on stage until after the presenter delivers a 15-minute encomium.

2. Etymology: from Latin via Greek egkomion, "eulogy, praise, laudatory"; literally, "to revel in", from en-, "within + komos, "revel, celebrate".
Warm or high praise.
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An expression of lofty admiration.
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