hebet-, hebetu-

(Latin: blunt, dull; lethargy, lack of energy or interest in doing things)

hebetant (adjective), more hebetant, most hebetant
Descriptive of an emotional dullness or lack of interest in what is going on: Harold was in a pronounced hebetant withdrawal of interest in his environment and from himself to such a degree that that he appeared to be thoroughly unconcerned, unemotional, and apathetic about everything that was happening.
hebetate (HEB uh tayt) (verb), hebetates; hebetated; hebetating
1. To make or to become dull or to render a person insensible: Whenever someone is hebetated, he or she may lose mental alertness and physical responses.

There are some politician's whose political lives seem to hebetate their ethical sensibilities.

2. Etymology: from Latin hebetatus which comes from hebetare, "to make dull, to blunt, to deaden".
hebetate (adjective), more hebetate, most hebetate
Pertaining to some vegetation that has dull or soft points: Cacti are certainly not hebetate plants.
hebetation (HEB uh tay shuhn) (s) (noun), hebetations (pl)
A condition of just sitting around and showing no responses to anything regardless of what happens to them or to those around them: There are many who are existing in nursing homes who survive in such physical and mental habetations.
hebetative (adjective), more hebetative, most hebetative
Conveying a tendency to not take anything seriously: There are some hebetative patients who are so unconcerned about what is going on that they have to be taken care of in all respects or they will simply die.
hebetude (HEB uh tood, HEB uh tyood) (s) (noun), hebetudes (pl)
1. A listlessness, lethargy, or laziness of the mind: Hebetude is not always stupidity; however, it is a mental slowness or dullness when reacting to one's environment or situation.
2. Etymology: from Late Latin hebetudo, from Latin hebes, hebet, "dull-witted", or "brainless".
Senseless, stupidity.
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Dullness of mind, irrational.
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hebetudeness (s) (noun) (no plural)
Indifference or a lack of concern: The apparent hebetudeness of some politicians often results in their not being re-elected.
hebetudinosity (s) (noun), hebetudinosities (pl)
A state of drowsiness, inaction, or stupor: The police responded with hebetudinosity when they were told two men appeared to be getting ready to rob a local store which they did and got away before the officers arrived.
hebetudinous (adjective), more hebetudinous, most hebetudinous
1. Referring to a lack of mental and physical alertness and activity: When Tom was told that he had better prepare himself for the final exam in history, his hebetudinous attitude resulted in his watching TV instead of studying and failing to pass the test the next day.
2. Relating to a lack of intelligence; dimwitted and dopey: While Jason was at the party, he noticed that some of his friends were behaving in hebetudinous ways because they had drunk too much alcohol.