(Latin: stinking, offensive; spoiled, rotten; foul smelling, disgusting)

rancid (RAN sid) (adjective), more rancid, most rancid
1. Pertaining to a tainted smell or taste; especially, of decomposing oils or fats which are offensive to the senses: The chef of the restaurant made sure that there was no rancid meat in the kitchen before he allowed his cooks to start preparing the lunches and the dinners for the customers.
2. Disgusting and offensive odor or taste: A rancid stench came from the rotten bottle of olive oil.
3. Full of anger and bitterness: Tom and Hannah had a rancid argument about which restaurant they should go to for dinner.
A reference to having a bad smell or taste.
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rancidification (s) (noun), rancidifications (pl)
rancidify (verb), rancidifies; rancidified; rancidifing
rancidity (ran SID uh tee) (s) (noun), rancidities (pl)
rancidly (adverb), more rancidly, most rancidly
rancidness (s) (noun), (no plural)