(Latin: stench, stinking odor; poisonous smell, harmful fumes)

mephitic (muh FIT ik) (adjective), more mephitic, most mephitic
A reference to something that is poisonous or foul-smelling: Exposure to mephitic exhalations should be avoided whether they are poisonous or not because they are very offensive.

Some swamps are known to give off some strong mephitic odors.

2. Etymology: from Latin mephitis; from Late Latin mephiticus, "stench, strong offensive smells; air pollution".
mephitical (muh FIT i kuhl) (adjective), more mephitical, most mephitical
Relating to malodorous, putrid, or rancid stenches: Living within the smelling range of some mephitical emanations that come from certain industrial operations, like oil refineries, can be very unhealthy and there is no doubt that such odors are very unpleasant.

Often it is very unpleasant to have the mephitical odors of cow manure fertilizers in fields near people's homes because of the terrible stink that comes from such actions.

The odors coming from a brewery are also very intense with awful odors as experienced by students and teachers in a school that was close to such a foul source.

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Descriptive of a bad smell or taste.
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Descriptive of being in a foul-smelling condition or in a rotten, corrupt, or very objectionable status.
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Conveying a bad smell or taste.
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mephitically (adverb), more mephitically, most mephitically
Characteristic of an offensive, defiled, or disgustingly objectionable situations: During the ages before toilets were developed in homes, the contents of chamber pots, which included human wastes, were being emptied from upper-story windows into the city streets causing significant mephitically stinking areas.

The methane fumes, known as sewer gas, come from mephitically decomposed sewage which can greatly offend the nostrils of people who are exposed to such environments.

Mephitidae (proper noun)
1. Small groups of cat-sized mammals from the Americas that are known for their distinctive behaviors of squirting foul-smelling musk at aggressors: Skunks of various kinds are members of the Mephitidae; including, Stripped Skunks (Canada to Mexico), Eastern-Spotted Skunks (Eastern U.S.A), Hooded Skunks (Central America), and Humboldt's Hog-Nosed Skunks (Chile and Argentina).
2. Etymology: from Latin, Mephitidae, "bad smell".
mephitine (adjective), more mephitine, most mephitine
A reference to certain animals that produce stinking responses to threats by other creatures: The skunk is a mephitine animal that defends itself by squirting out a spray of liquid with a very strong, unpleasant smell from a pair of glands near its tail and if anyone ever gets sprayed by one, he or she should find a place to quickly strip off all of his or her clothes and take a bath as soon as possible.
mephitis (muh FIGH tis) (noun), mephitises (pl)
1. A noxious emanation from the earth: Several died from the poisonous mephitis which came from a broken gas line.
2. Any foul stench: After the recent flood waters subside in parts of Texas and Oklahoma, it is possible that there will be terrible mephitises coming from the hundreds of dead bodies of cattle and horses that may have drowned in the fields where they were suddenly overwhelmed with severe rain storms.

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A harmful and deadly situation for people's health.
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mephitism (s) (noun), mephitisms (pl)
Offensive stenches or unbearable odors: There have been many mephitisms over the centuries that were caused by the world of human excretions!

There are some swamps that produce mephitisms which are unbearable for humans to tolerate as they pollute the atmosphere.