(Latin > French: done in exchange; reciprocal; with the same feelings or relationships; shared by two people or groups, in common with each other)

mutual (adjective), more mutual, most mutual
Pertaining to two or more people, or groups, that feel the same emotions or do the same things to or for each other: Jane and Jim had a mutual love and respect for each other which resulted in a successful marriage.

The two companies had a mutual understanding as to how their products would not compete against each other.

A reference to sharing or experiencing in common with another person or groups.
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mutualism (s) (noun), mutualisms (pl)
A relationship between two different organisms which benefits both of them and doesn't harm either one: Apparently there is a mutualism between lichens, or fungi, and algae because the fungi provide a protective structure and the algae produce carbohydrates as food for the fungi.
mutualist (s) (noun), mutualists (pl)
mutualistic (adjective), more mutualistic, most mutualistic
mutualistically (adverb), more mutualistically, most mutualistically
mutuality (s) (noun), mutualities (pl)
mutualization (s) (noun), mutualizations (pl)
mutualize (verb), mutualizes; mutualized; mutualizing
To alter the organization of a company so the majority of its shares become owned by the employees and customers.
mutually (adverb), more mutually, most mutually