(Latin: fellowship, friendship, companionship; companions; brotherhood)

sodalism (s) (noun), sodalisms (pl)
Coordinated attempts by people to satisfy common objectives and the ways of accomplishing them: Sodalism is focusing on a mission and essentially equals focusing on people.
sodalist (SOHD uhl ist, soh DAHL ist) (s) (noun), sodalists (pl)
1. Someone who is a member of a social group of any kind; especially, anyone who has joined and participates in a group organization: Dr. Smith is a sodalist who is a member of a gathering of medical physicians who share their professional experiences with each other.
2. A Roman Catholic lay society that functions as a charity or a religious fellowship.
sodalitate (noun), sodalitates (pl)
In Rome, companies of priests who performed religious music: There have been sodalitates in the Roman Catholic Church who sang songs that were intended to banish evil and to encourage church members to be devoted to God.
sodality (soh DAHL uh tee) (s) (noun), sodalities (pl)
1. Fellowship, friendship.
2. An association, society, or fraternity.
3. In the Roman Catholic Church, a lay society (members who are not priests, ministers, etc.) with religious or charitable objectives.
4. Etymology: from Latin sodalitatem; from sodalis, "sociable".
sodalize (noun), sodalizes; sodalized; sodalizing
1. To join organizations where members can share their interests and friendship: As a professional lexicographer, Mark often sodalized with other dictionary specialist in order to share the challenges of vocabulary development.
2. To share similar interests, ideals, or experiences, via a profession, religion, or nationality.