cholecysto-, cyholecyst-

(Latin: gall bladder, bile bladder, bilebladder)

cholecystogastric (adjective), more cholecystogastric, most cholecystogastric
Referring to the gallbladder and stomach.
A radiograph of the gallbladder.
cholecystography (s) (noun), cholecystographies (pl)
1. Radiography of the gallbladder, using a radiopaque dye as a contrast medium.
2. An X-ray examination of the gallbladder after the patient has swallowed a substance that shows up on an X-ray.
cholecystokinin (s), CCK, (noun), cholecystokinins (pl)
A hormone that is secreted by cells in the duodenum (first section of the small intestine) and which stimulates the release of bile into the intestine and the secretion of enzymes by the pancreas: "Cholecystokinins are a group of peptide hormones which stimulate the digestion of fat and protein in the intestines."