Wolf and the Goats Story Translation of "The Lupus and the Tragas"

(The translation of the story with the interpretations of the right answers in parentheses)

The Lupus and the Tragas in Conflict

A metro (mother) traga (goat) who had hepta (seven) mini (little) monos (ones) was about to exit [it > ex] (go out) of her dom (house) to get some sitio (food). She amat[ed] (loved) her kids very multi (much) and uni dies [DEE us] (one day) as she was about to go into the sylvan[s] (woods) to get the sitio (food), she convoke[d] (called) omni (all) of them circum (around) her.

"My dear paid[ren]" (children), she said, "Ego (I) am going into the sylvan[s] (woods); and while Ego (I) am gone, be vigilant (on guard/alert) contra (against) the lupus (wolf). If he were to get into our eco (dwelling/house), his lupine (wolfish) orexia (appetite) would drive him to phago (eat) you holo (whole, completely); derma (skin), osteos (bones), and pan (all)."

"Dear Mater," (mother) answered the kids, in their capriloquism (goat-talk), "you don't have to be phobic (afraid), we will take bona (good) care of ourselves." Mater (mother) traga (goat) bleated "good-bye", and went on her via (way) with a pacific (peaceful) feeling that the kids would be all right.

To make this story abridged (shorter), the lupus (wolf) got into the traga's (goat's) eco (house), phagoed (ate) hex (six) of the hepto (seven) kids and went off to somni (sleep) post (after) his hyper-phagying (excessive eating) by swallowing them whole. The lupus (wolf) went cata (down) by the fluvio (river) to hypno (sleep).

The hepto (seventh) kid was cryptoed (hidden) and so he was in his dom (house) when the metro (mother) traga (goat) came retro (back) from the sylvan[s] (woods). What a vista (sight) greeted Metro Aego (Mother Goat) when she opened the port (door). She spectated (looked) for her juveniles (young ones) and could find just mono (one). This hepto (seventh) kid explained what happened.

At teleo (last), she and her remaining kid went exo (out) and came trans (across) the lupus (wolf) sominiating (sleeping) sub (under) an/a arbor (tree) by the potamo (river).

She noticed that there were oscillations (movements or vibrations) in the lupus' (wolf's) gastro (stomach); so, she incised (cut into) the gastro (stomach), got her kids exo (out), replaced them with hexa (six) petros (rocks or stones), and resewed the abdomen (stomach).

When the lupus (wolf) woke up from his hypno (sleep), he was dipso (thirsty) and went to imbibe (drink) some hydro (water) from the potamo (river). As he ambulated (walked) to the fluvio (river), he recited the following:

"What is this Ego (I) aesthete (feel) inside me
Knocking duro (hard) anti (against) my osteos (bones)?
How should such a thing betide me!?
They were kids, and now they're lithos (stones)."

When he stooped to imbibe (drink) from the potamo (river), the grav (heavy) lithos (stones or rocks) baroed (weighed) him cata (down) into the hydro (water) and he thanatosed (died) in the fluvio (river).

So it is that we have another story to flect (turn) children into misolupus (wolf haters). The maledictions (bad words or curses) contra (against) these quadri-peds [Latin] (four-footed) fauna (animals) have extended into our social biosphere (living environment) and anthropos (people) have become hyper (excessive) lupocides (wolf killers) which has upset our natural eco (habitat) -system.