Holiday Greetings; 2012 to 2013

(Special Mickey Bach images for the holiday season)

To seek earnestly by prayer or humble entreaty.
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joie de vivre (s) (noun), (no plural)
Enjoyment of being alive and pleasure of being alive with happiness and a zest for life: After getting to know Fred at the New Year's Eve party at her friend's house, Melanie was in a state of joie de vivre, which was plainly seen by all her friends!
Joy in being alive and a zest for life.
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thespian (s) (noun), thespians (pl)
Actors and actresses.
An actor or an actress.
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beatitude (s) (noun), beatitudes (pl)
Supreme happiness, great joy, and blessedness.
Perfect bliss and happiness.
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sine qua non (s) (noun), sine qua nons (pl)
An essential, necessary, or indispensable element, condition, or ingredient.
An indispensable or necessary ingredient or condition.
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radiant (adjective), more radiant, most radiant
1. Descriptive of that which shows or has an attractive quality of love, health, happiness, etc.: Alexandria always has a radiant smile and a radiant inner glow when she meets and talks with people.
2. Conveying something that is bright, glowing, and shining: The radiant sun came out from behind the storm clouds.

Laura's radiant behavior expressed her genuine pleasure when her friend graduated with honors from her high school.

Shining brightly and showing pleasure.
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polyglot (adjective), more polyglot, most polyglot
1. Relating to being capable of reading, writing, or speaking many languages: Growing up in a multilingual home, Mike's polyglot niece speaks and reads German, French, and Spanish.
2. Conveying something that is written in, or composed of, several forms of speech: The polyglot staff-memo presented a variety of native tongues that were understood by the employees; including, Italian, English, and Portuguese.
A reference to someone who speaks or writes in many languages.
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Pertaining to anyone who can write in many languages.
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apodictic (adjective)
Clearly demonstrable; indisputable; except in this presentation for the year 2013: "We shouldn't depend on the words of anyone; especially, a worm, to make any valid or reliable apodictic predictions."
A prediction that is supposed to be certain.
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