idea, ideas

(Greek idein > Latin idea; the result of a mental processes)

ideate (verb), ideates; ideated; ideating
To form or to conceive of images or impressions about an entity: As he was writing his novel, Ronald was continuously ideating additional interactions for his protagonists and antagonists.
ideation (s) (noun), ideations (pl)
The conceptualization or process of forming a mental impression or thought: As chairman of the committee, Marco presented his ideations about how the project members could achieve their objectives.
ideational (adjective), more ideational, most ideational
Relating to plans for actions: Denis had an ideational belief that was meant to suggest some general conceptions and not any particular words or phrases.
ideational apraxia, sensory apraxia (s) (noun); ideational apraxias, sensory apraxias (pl)
A condition in which a person's conceptual process is missing, often because of a lesion in the parietal lobe of the brain which is that part of the cerebral hemisphere that lies beneath the parietal bone or the main side bone of the skull: Susan has ideational apraxia, or sensory apraxia, and is incapable of formulating certain plans for the movements of things because she doesn't know what the proper uses of the objects are.

Working in the kitchen can be dangerous when someone, like Jane, suffers from ideational apraxia and is not sure how to use kitchen equipment correctly.

obtrusive idea (s) (noun), obtrusive ideas (pl)
Obsessive thoughts that repeatedly force themselves into people's thinking: Sara's obtrusive ideas often interfere with her actions, even when she realizes that such thinking is undesirable.
overcharged idea (s) (noun), overcharged ideas (pl)
A dreamer's central thinking or conflict that has been exceptionally endowed with inner repressed psychic energy: An overcharged idea may appear in a dream, as in Jeff's dream, in the form of various symbols and several identifications.
preidea, pre-idea (s) (noun); preideas, pre-ideas (pl)
Formulated thoughts or opinions that take place before actions: Josh's pre-ideas had to be reconsidered before they could be accomplished.