medita-, meditat-

(Latin: from meditatus; a form of meditare, to muse, to ponder; to think over, to consider; to think, to reflect)

relaxation meditation (s) (noun), relaxation meditations (pl)
The physiological reactions that are desired and produced by sitting calmly and alone in a quiet place with the eyes closed and the arms and hands relaxed, paying careful attention to breathing and to repeating a short word or phrase at each breathing cycle: Some relaxation meditations are done for fifteen to thirty minutes each session, twice a day, by those who are striving for physical and mental control.

This approach to quiet relaxation meditation has been used by some physicians to produce therapeutic alterations in stress control, as indicated by a reduction in blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

transcendental meditation (s) (noun), transcendental meditations (pl)
A type of contemplative thinking: Transcendental mediation is based on ancient Hindu practices in which a person tries to relax by sitting quietly for regular periods while repeating a sound, a word, or a phrase that is continuously repeated as a prayer.
unmeditated (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to something that has not been prepared nor planned by previous thoughts or realities: Harry started the new project with unmeditated considerations as to what it would involve or cost.