spiss-, -spiss +

(Latin spissus: thick, compact, dense; thickness, compactness, density)

cirrus spissatus; cirrus densus, cirrus nothus; thunderstorm cirrus, false cirrus
A cloud species which is unique to the genus cirrus, of such optical thickness as to appear grayish on the side away from the sun, and to veil the sun, conceal its outline, or even hide it completely.

Cirrus clouds are composed of small particles, mostly ice crystals, that are fairly widely dispersed, usually resulting in relative transparency and whiteness and often producing a halo phenomena (colored or whitish rings, arcs, pillars or spots of light) which are not observed with other cloud forms.

1. Making something thick or viscous.
2. Causing a thickness to take place.
inspissant (s), inspissants (pl)
A thickening agent or that which thickens or that makes something dense and have a sticky consistency between solid and liquid.
inspissate (in SPIS ayt), inspissates, inspissating (verb forms)
1. To thicken or to harden through the evaporation or absorption of liquid; such as, milk in an inspissated milk duct.
2. To undergo thickening or to cause to thicken; by the process of boiling or evaporation; to condense.
3. Thickening of an oil deposit by evaporation or oxidation, resulting, for example, after long exposure in a pitch or a gum formation.
4. 5. Etymology: from Late Latin inspissatus, past participle of inspissare, "to thicken"; from Latin in-, "in" + spissus, "slow, dense"; the past participle form of spissare to thicken"; related to Greek spidnos, "compact, thick".
1. Thickened by absorption, evaporation, or dehydration.
2. Being thickened, dried, or made less fluid by evaporation.
1. Thickening of a liquid by evaporation or the absorption of fluid.
2. Diminished fluidity or increased thickness.
3. Geochemistry; specifically, the thickening of an oil deposit over time; such as, gases and lighter fractions that evaporate or oxidize, leaving behind the heavier fractions; for example, after long exposure in pitch (thick, dark, sticky substances) or gum formation resulting in asphalt or other elements.
1. A heating device used for thickening or for congealing a liquid or a fluid via evaaporation.
2. An apparatus or instrument used for evaporating various kinds of fluids.
Something that has been rendered dense or compact, as a result of evaporation; thickened.
In meteorology, a reference to a cloud that is dense enough to obscure, to cover, or to cloud over the sun.
1. A condition, or situation, of something being thickened by evaporation almost to a solid; a thickness; such as, the spissitude of coagulated blood, or of any coagulum (clot, solid, or gel).
2. A situation in which a fluid is thickened almost to a solid by inspissation.
spissus (masculine), spissa (feminine), spissum, (neuter); (singular-Latin forms)
1. Thick, close, compact, dense, crowded.
2. Slow, tardy, late.
3. Hard, difficult.