notero-, noter-, -notero -noter +

(Greek: noteros, moist, moisture, damp, dampness, wet)

noterocole (verb), noterocoles; noterocoled; noterocoling: damp, moist
Inhabiting or living in damp or moist areas.
noterocolent (adjective), more noterocolent, most noterocolent
A reference to being a resident or an inhabitant of damp regions.
noterocolous (adjective), more noterocolous, most noterocolous
Related to growing in or living within damp areas.
noterophile (s), noterophiles (pl) (nouns)
A creature that prefers to live in damp or moist areas.
noterophilous (adjective), more noterophilous, most noterophilous
In biology, a reference to a plant thriving in mesic (moderate moisture) habitats: Some noterophilous plants, like clover, corn, or goldenrod, need an area with reasonable or an average amount of water to prosper nicely.
noterophily (s) (noun)
A preference for thriving or living in moist habitats.