-ectasia +

(Greek: dilatation, dilation, expansion, extension, or distension of an organ)

Dilation or expansion of a lymphatic or blood vessel.
Dilated tufts of capillaries in the skin; usually seen in older people as red or purplish areas on the skin of the trunk.
Dilation of the aorta or the largest artery in the body which has its origin at the heart.
An abnormal distension or expansion of an artery.
The dilation or enlargement of the capillary blood vessels which are the minute vessels that connect the arterioles (smallest arteries) and the venules (tiny vessels that collect blood).
The distention or dilation of the vagina.
corectasis, corectasia
1. An abnormal dilatation of the pupil of the eye.
2. A dilation of the pupil of the eye resulting from disease.
1. Dilatation of the lacrimal sac.
2. A protrusion from the wall of the lacrimal sac.
desmectasia, desmectasis
Stretching of a ligament, or ligaments.
A distention or dilatation of the vagina.
1. Vasodilation affecting arteries and veins.
2. Dilation of blood vessels.
phlebectasia, phlebectasis
1. A chronic dilation of veins.
2. Varicosity (distended, swollen, knotted veins).
A disproportionate largeness of the face.
sialectasia, sialectasis
Fusiform dilation of the minor ducts of the salivary glands indicative of and consequent to chronic infection.
The localized bulging of the sclera which is the tough white outer coat of the eyeball lined with uveal tissue (middle coat of the eye which is pigmented and supplied with blood vessels).