(Greek: ektasis; dilated, expanded, distended, extension +)

1. A partial, reversible, airless state of lung tissue most likely to occur in pilots exposed to high G forces, breathing 100% oxygen, and wearing an anti-G suit.
2. An abnormal distension and, usually, lengthening of an artery.
angiectasis, angioectatic
An abnormal, usually gross dilatation and often lengthening of a blood or lymphatic vessel.
1. Dilatation or expansion of the minute arteries and veins.
2. Dilation of the terminal arterioles (smallest arteries), venules (minute vessels, or capillaries (smallest blood vessels).
An abnormal distension and, usually, lengthening of an artery.
atelectasis (s); atelectases (pl)
1. An incomplete expansion of the lungs at birth, because of a lack of breathing force.
2. A total or partial collapse of the lungs, because of bronchial obstruction.
3. The absence of gas from all or a part of the lungs, due to a failure of expansion or resorption of gas from the alveoli.
4. A collapsed or airless state of the lung, which may be acute or chronic, and may involve all or part of the lung.

The primary cause of atelectasis is obstruction of the bronchus serving the affected area. In fetal atelectasis the lungs fail to expand normally at birth.

1. A chronic dilation of the airways to and within the lungs, causing coughing and an excessive production of mucus.
2. An irreversible widening (dilation) of portions of the breathing tubes or airways (bronchi) resulting from damage to the airway wall.
Chronic dilation of the bronchioles or a condition in which an area of the bronchial tubes is permanently and abnormally widened (dilated), with accompanying infection.
Dilatation of a calix of the kidney; a flower-shaped or funnel-shaped structure; specifically, one of the branches or recesses of the pelvis of the kidney into which the orifices of the malpighian renal pyramids project.
Dilatation of the heart; which is the physiological, pathological, or artificial enlargement of a cavity, canal, blood vessel, or opening in the heart.
Dilation of the bile ducts; usually, as a sequel to an obstruction.
corectasis, corectasia
1. An abnormal dilatation of the pupil of the eye.
2. A dilation of the pupil of the eye resulting from disease.
desmectasia, desmectasis
Stretching of a ligament, or ligaments.
Dilation or the enlargment or expansion of the bowel (the small and large intestine).
Dilation or an abnormal expansion of the esophagus, the tube connecting the throat to the stomach.
Dilation or distention of the stomach.