glut-, gluten-, glutin- +

(Latin: glue, sticky substance which remains in flour when the starch is taken out)

1. A simple protein derived from the seeds of cereals; such as, wheat, rice, and barely.
2. Any protein that is insoluble in water, salt solution, and aqueous ethanol; but which is soluble in acid and alkali.
1. The part of the wheat seed consisting of protein.
2. A mixture of plant proteins occurring in cereal grains, chiefly corn and wheat, used as an adhesive and as a flour substitute.
3. A mixture of two proteins found in some cereal grains; especially, wheat.

It is obtained from flour by washing out the starch and is used as an adhesive ingrediant, giving to dough its tough, elastic cohesiveness.

Gluten can be found in breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits, crackers, battered foods, cereals, snack foods, pastas and pizza.

People who have celiac disease are allergic to gluten which is a disorder resulting from an immune reaction to gluten.

Celiac disease causes impaired absorption and digestion of nutrients through the small intestine and symptoms include frequent diarrhea and weight loss.

Medical treatment is to avoid gluten in the diet.

gluten bread
Bread made from wheat flour from which all the starch has been removed and is used as a substitute for ordinary bread in diabetes.
A protein preparation derived from grain that has been used in gastrointestinal surgical procedures to elicit an inflammatory response and so cause adhesions to form.
gluten-free diet
The elimination of gluten from the diet by avoiding all products containing wheat, rye, oats, or barley.

An obese patient was told by her doctor: "No, you don't need to be on a "gluten-free diet" but you certainly should be on a "glutton-free diet"!

One of the main components of gluten which is derived from wheat.
gluten-induced enteroathy
1. A hereditary digestive disorder involving intolerance to gluten, usually occurring in young children, characterized by marked abdominal distention, malnutrition, wasting, and the passage of large, fatty, malodorous stools.
2. A disorder caused by a sensitivity to gluten that makes the digestive system unable to deal with fat.

Symptoms include diarrhea and anemia.

1. To unite with glue.
2. To cement or to stick together.
1. Gluelike, gummy; sticky.
2. Having the properties of glue or having a sticky surface.