Confusing Words Clarified: Group X; Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs, Synonyms, Polysemes, etc. +

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xero-, zero, zero
xero- (ZIR oh) (prefix)
A Greek combining form used in words meaning dry: "The Greek element xero- is used with several words referring to dry, dryness."

"One example of a word using xero- is xerosis which refers to a dryness, as of the skin, eyes, or mucous membranes."

zero (ZEE roh, ZIR oh) (noun)
1. The numeral or symbol 0, indicating the absence of quantity: "If 100 is subtracted from 100, it will obviously equal zero."
2. Nothing at all: "The medical researchers are striving to reduce the mortality rate to zero."
3. The point from which the graduation figures of a scale begins: "On the Celsius scale, zero (0°), is the temperature of melting ice, equivalent to 32° on the Fahrenheit scale."
4. A person who is not important, interesting, popular, etc.: "Wiley's new girlfriend is a real zero (loser)."
zero (ZEE roh, ZIR oh) (verb)
1. To direct all of a person's attention to someone or something: "The scientists are trying to zero in on a cure for cancer."

"The math teacher is trying to zero in on why Gina can't comprehend her simple math assignment."

2. To set a measuring device; such as, a scale so it reads 0: "Please zero the scale before you try to weigh the produce (potatoes, onions, etc.)."

The new skin cream had zero effect on the xerosis on his hands; so, he had to go see the dermatologist for a different prescription.

Xerox, xerox
Xerox (ZIR ahks) (noun)
A trademark referring to a machine that makes paper copies of printed pages, pictures, etc. using the xerographic process: "Alvin's office has a Xerox printer connected to the computer to make it readily available whenever he wants to print pages of text and/or pictures."

"The company is so identified with its product that the term Xerox machine often refers to xerographic duplicators produced by other companies."

xerox (ZIR ahks) (verb)
To copy something; such as, a document by using a special machine called a copier: "Will you please xerox these forms for me."

"The verb term xeroxing has become synonymous with copying; however, the company does not condone nor in any way approve of using its trademark name as a verb, an adjective, or a noun."

The clerk's boss asked him to go to the Xerox store to buy the special paper on which to xerox the report for the Annual General Meeting tomorrow.

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