(Latin: trifling; useless, worthless)

nugacious (adjective), more nugacious, most nugacious
Trivial; unimportant or insignificant: Patricia and George felt that the nugacious statements made by the political candidates were pointless and absolutely of no value.

The term nugatory is a synonym that has the same meaning as nugacious.
Useless and worthless.
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Not useful or worth much.
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nugaciousness (s) (noun)
Lacking in seriousness, importance, or value: "The nugaciousness of the medical-laboratory results shocked the doctors."
nugacity (s) (noun), nugacities (pl)
1. Trifling or a matter of little importance; futility: "The article in the newspaper about politics was an example of nugacity compared to the contents of the other articles."
2. Frivolous or insignificant ideas: "Mack presented several nugacities to the labor committee about how to improve the conditions for the lowest paid workers."
nugatorily (adverb)
A reference to anything that has no worth or meaning; or which is insignificant or useless: "Presenting something that is blue, red, or yellow results in a nugatorily wasting of time for anyone who is colorblind."
nugatory (adjective), more nugatory, most nugatory
1. A reference to having no power or that which is inoperative: No matter what Marvin tried, his nugatory hair dryer would not produce the heat that he needed to dry his hair.
2. Descriptive of having no force or being ineffective: The elderly man had a nugatory role with his grandchildren because they were convinced that he simply didn't know what he was talking about.
3. Pertaining to something which has no significant meaning or is of little value: When Bryan forgot to lock the door to his apartment, his nugatory excuse that he was in a hurry wasn't worth anything when he got home and found that someone had gone in and stolen his computer, money, and other items of value.
Of little worth.
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Useless and insignificant.
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nugiperous (adjective)
1. Given to inventing trifles or useless things: "In his retirement years, Max spent a lot of time creating nugiperous items that no one could use."
2. Etymology: from Latin nugae, "nonsense" or "trifles".