cirrho- +

(Greek kirrhos: orange-yellow > New Latin cirrhosis: diseased condition of the liver)

alcoholic cirrhosis (s) (noun), alcoholic cirrhoses
A liver disease occurring in people who are chronic alcoholics: "Approximately twenty per cent of chronic alcoholics develop cirrhosis."

"Alcoholic cirrhosis is described as a condition of irreversible liver disease as a result of the chronic inflammatory and toxic effects of ethanol on the liver."

"The diagnoses of alcoholic cirrhosis are related to the liver's inability to adequately remove waste products from the bloodstream and the effects of an increase of blood pressure."

atrophic cirrhosis
Cirrhosis in which the liver is decreased in size.
cardiac cirrhosis
Congestive cirrhosis resulting from passive congestion of the liver due to congestive heart failure.
Inducing or resulting in cirrhosis, a chronic disease of the liver.
A disease of the fetus marked anatomically by a yellow staining of the peritoneum (smooth serous membrane which lines the cavity of the abdomen or the whole body cavity) and pleura (membranes covering the lungs).
A chronic liver disease characterized by inflammation, degeneration, and regeneration in differing proportions.

The pathologic hallmark is the formation of microscopic or macroscopic nodules separated by bands of fibrous tissue.

Relating to or affected with cirrhosis or advanced fibrosis.
infantile cirrhosis (s) (noun), infantile cirrhoses (pl)
A disorder occurring in childhood as a result of protein malnutrition: "A progressive fibrous liver ailment that is caused by protein malnutrition in babies is known as infantile cirrhosis."