(Latin: darkness, dark)

caligation (s) (noun), caligations (pl)
Darkness; dimness; cloudiness: In medicine, caligation or "calico", is an opacity or cloudiness of the anterior surface of the crystaline lens, causing dimness of sight; impaired sight from obstruction to the passage of light, or a cataract.
caliginosity (s) (noun), caliginosities (pl)
Darkness, dimness, obscurity: With the global economic turmoils people are experiencing these days, many are looking for solutions; however, too often only caliginosity continues.
caliginous (adjective), more caliginous, most caliginous
Pertaining to being dark, misty, obscure, murky, dim, or gloomy: The weather suddenly changed from being very sunny and bright to being one of the most caliginous days of the year with very dark clouds.
caliginously (adverb), very caliginously, most caliginously
A reference to something that is very misty, dim, or dark: Walking through the swamps in the evening turned out to be a very caliginously exceptional experience for Jim and his two friends.
caliginousness (s) (noun) (usually not plural)
The quality or state of being dim, obscure, misty, dim, or dark: The caliginousness of the winter day was a warning to drivers that they should be very careful going home or wherever they were going.
calligrapher (s) (noun), calligraphers (pl)
1. Writing with elegant penmanship: Ursula used her skills as a calligrapher to compose the beautifully written invitations to guests to attend her daughter's wedding.
2. Someone who is skilled in the art of eye-appealing or fine handwriting and penmanship: The famed calligrapher wrote a book about the art and practice of artistic writing by hand.
Someone skilled in penmanship.
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calligraphist (s) [caligraphist] (sometimes); (noun); calligraphists (pl) [caligraphists] (sometimes)
A person who is skilled in elegant penmanship.
A calligraphist is writing artistic writing from one book to another book.
A calligraphist is copying calligraphy from one calligraphic book to another one.
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calligraphy (s) (noun); calligraphies (pl)
1. The art or skill of fine or beautiful penmanship or handwriting: As part of her Fine Arts degree, Gretchen studied Medieval calligraphy and prepared a portfolio of her work.
2. Good or artistic handwriting skills: The English instructor expects her students to use their best calligraphy when writing their essays.
3. A script of high aesthetic value produced by a brush; especially, that of Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic origin: It took Theresa many months to master the art of ancient Chinese calligraphy.
4. Works produced in beautiful handwriting that are considered as a group: The local museum is presenting an international exhibit of calligraphy with examples from the past of early Arabic writing as well as modern samples.
Beautiful writing with an inkpen.
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Skilled penmanship.
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