(Latin: eagle; referring to or like an eagle)

accipitrine (adjective), more accipitrine, most accipitrine
A reference to hawks and eagles: Accipitrine birds include those of prey, which are active during the day, the New World vultures, the osprey, but not the falcons.
Aquila (s) (noun), Aquilae (pl)
1. In zoology, the genus of eagles.
2. A northern astronomical constellation, the Eagle.
aquiline (AK wuh lign, AK wuh lin) (adjective): eagle (adjective)
Resembling or having something that is characteristics of an eagle; especially of the features; such as, curved like an eagle’s beak, hooked: Shirley was known for her aquiline nose.
Aquilo (noun)
In Roman mythology, the personification of the north or northeast wind.
eagle (s) (noun), eagles (pl)
1. Any of various large diurnal birds of prey of the family Accipitridae, including members of the genera Aquila and Haliaeetus (a taxonomic genus within the family Accipitridae; the sea-eagles), characterized by a powerful hooked bill, keen vision, long broad wings, and a strong soaring flight.
2. A representation of an eagle used as an emblem or an insignia.
3. A gold coin formerly used in the United States, stamped with an eagle on the reverse side and having a face value of ten dollars.
4. In sports, a golf score of two strokes under par on a hole: "She scored an eagle on the fourth hole." "She also eagled the sixth hole."
5. Etymology: before 1338 egle; via Old French egle, from Old Provencal aigle which came from Latin aquila which is also the source of English aquiline.

The Greeks had the term melanaetos, "black eagle". This might mean that the Latin aquilus, "dark-colored" and the Greek "black eagle" probably originally simply signified "dark-colored bird" which was the color of a storm cloud and so some etymologists say there might be a connection with aqua, "water".

eagle owl (s) (noun), eagle owls (pl)
A large predatory European owl; also known as, the Bubo bubo.
Eagle Scout (s) (noun), Eagle Scouts (pl)
1. A Boy Scout of the highest rank.
2. A Boy Scout who has reached the highest level of achievement in scouting.
eagle's wing spread
eagle-eyed (adjective)
Keen-sighted like an eagle.
eagles (pl) (noun)
A convocation of eagles.
eaglet (s) (noun), eaglets (pl)
A young eagle; especially, before it leaves the nest.