(Latin: "hoarse"; hoarse cries; howl, roar; rough-sounding, harsh; loud, rough)

1. Harshness of sound; rough utterance; hoarseness; as, the raucity of a trumpet, a passing car with the radio turned up exceedingly loud, or of the human voice.
2. Among physicians, hoarseness of the human voice.
raucous (adjective), more raucous, most raucous
1. Pertaining to someone or something that is unpleasantly loud, boisterous and disorderly: Tom's neighbors were having a raucous party even at two in the morning.
2. Characterized by loud noises, shouting, and ribald laughter, which are rude and vulgar: There were raucous crowds after the champion football game.
3. Etymology: from Latin raucus, "harsh-sounding."
Relating to a harsh and rough sound.
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1. A reference to being hoarse and harsh; such as, the sound of a voice.
2. In a rowdy manner, loudly.
1. Making or constituting a harsh, loud noise.
2. Being loud, disorderly, boisterous, and unpleasant.