helo- (marsh) +

(Greek: marsh, marshland)

Living in marshes.
A marsh plant.
A reference to a swamp thicket.
helogadophilous (noun), more helogadophilous, most helogadophilous
Referring to some plants or animals that grow in swampy woodlands: In biology class, Meg learned about helogadophilous plants like the little duckweed that covers the surface of the swamp.
helohylophilous (adjective), more helohylophilous, most helohylophilous
In biology, pertaining to a plant or animal that thrives in wet or swampy forests: Two helohylophilous plants are the tupelo and the red maple.
helolochmophilous (adjective), more helolochmophilous, most helolochmophilous
Regarding a form of life that prospers in meadow-thicket environments: Some helolochmophilous plants are dwarf shrubs, vines, and grasses.
A meadow thicket plant.
helophile (s) (noun), helophile (pl)
An organism that thrives in a marshe habitat: Herbaceous plants that prefer growing in marshes are termed helophiles and include grasses sedges and reeds.
1. A perennial plant with renewal buds, commonly on rhizomes, buried in soil or mud below water level.
2. Any marsh or bog plant.
Relating to any marsh, or bog, plant.
heloplankton (s) (noun), heloplankton (pl)
Plankton of a marsh or pool of still water: Jenny loved lying down beside the pond and gazing at the heloplankton, which included a relatively large number of floating plants.