chalico-, chalic-

(Greek: gravel, pebbles, rubble)

chalicodophilous (adjective), more chalicodophilous, most chalicodophilous
In biology, thriving or dwelling on gravel slides: Sam decided to see if he could find any kind of chalicodophilous creature or plant on the gravel slide near his home.
chalicophilous (adjective), more chalicophilous, most chalicophilous
In biology, descriptive of a life form thriving on gravel slides: With time many different kinds of very small chalicophilous organisms found spots to thrive in the naturally formed gravel slide.
A plant inhabiting gravel slides.
1. A form of pneumoconiosis caused by prolonged inhalation of fine stone dust.
2. Pneumoconiosis caused by the inhalation of dust, occurring especially in stone cutters.
Any of various extinct ungulate mammals of the Eocene to Pleistocene epochs, having distinctive three-clawed, three-toed feet.

Chalicotheres (from Greek chalix, "gravel" plus therion, "beast") were a group of perissodactyl mammals that evolved in the mid Eocene around 40 million years ago from small, forest animals similar to the early horses.