(Latin: flash, sparkle, glitter; quiver)

coruscant (adjective), more coruscant, most coruscant
Descriptive of flashes of light; shining; glittering: The decorated Christmas tree in the town square was very coruscant with all the bright colors sparkling in the early evening before the shoppers went home for the night.

During the darkness, the traveler's could see coruscant flashes of lights appearing in the distance; apparently, coming from the beams of oncoming vehicles.

coruscate (KOHR uh skayt") (verb), coruscates; coruscated; coruscating
1. To give forth flashes of bright light which sparkle and glitter: Jack presented Janice with a diamond ring that was coruscating in the candlelight when they were dining out while celebrating their engagement to get married.
2. To exhibit sparkling virtuosity with lively skill or technique when doing something; such as, a musical performance: The little nine-year old singer in the talent show sang an opera that coruscated throughout international TV and is still coruscating on the internet.
coruscation (s) (noun), coruscations (pl)
1. A sudden or striking display of luminosity: From her living room window, Sally could see the coruscation of the fireworks which were taking place in the football field in town.
2. An instance of a spark or a small ray of fire: After trying for so long to get their campfire started, Tom and Jerry suddenly saw a flicker of light orĀ coruscation appearing among the sticks on the ground.
3. A subjective sensation of flashing lights or glittering in front of the eyes: After the car accident, Jill seemed to be affected with coruscation because she could only see glowing or scintillating lights when she looked around.
4. A striking display of brilliance or wit: Jack's coruscation was certainly impressive when he was able to say exactly who composed which piece of music just by listening to a few measures of any harmonic composition!
A presentation of a sudden display of knowledge or wit.
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