ulc-, ulcer- +

(Latin: sore, sore spot, painful spot)

Referring to or characterized by ulceration.
Characterized by both ulceration and gangrene or pertaining to a gangrenous ulcer.
ulcerogenic, ulcerogenous
Causing ulceration or leading to the production of ulcers.
1. Of the nature of an ulcer.
2. Affected with ulceration.
ulcus (s), ulcera (pl)
A sore, an ulcer, and a sore place.
ulcus cruris
A leg ulcer of any origin.
ulcus interdigitale
Ulceration of the skin between the toes.
ulcus septicus
An infection of the corneal stroma of the eye.
ulcus tuberculosum
Any tuberculous ulcer; especially, an ulcerative lesion of tuberculosis cutis.
ulcus ventriculi perforans
A gastric ulcer which perforates into the peritoneal cavity.