(Latin: tour guide for sightseers or tourists)

The action of a cicerone; that is, to show sights to tourists.
1. A guide who explains to tourists and sightseers the curiosities and antiquities of a place; a local guide.
2. Etymology: from Italian Cicero which came from Latin with reference to the Roman orator Cicero (106-43 B.C.) because of the usual talkativeness of tour guides.
1. The imitation of, or resemblance to, the style or actions of Cicero.
2. Use of a Ciceronian expressions; especially, in his pure Latinity, vivid diction, or climactic eloquence.
Ciceronian, ciceronian
1. Relating to Cicero or his writings: the Ciceronian orations.
2. Characterized by melodious language, clarity, and forcefulness of presentation.
1. Someone who is an expert on or specializes in the study of the works of Cicero.
2. A person who admires or imitates the style of Cicero.
Ciceronianism, ciceronianism
Imitation of the style of Cicero; especially, as practiced by some writers and orators during the Renaissance.
To cicerone; to act as a cicerone.