aeolo-, aeol- +

(Latin: air, wind; rapid, quick)

The combining form aeolo- is used to denote musical-wind instruments; however, it also refers to "air" or "wind". This element comes from Aeolus; "the god of winds" in Greek and Latin mythology, with the literal Greek meaning of "rapid, quick".

aeolation, eolation (s) (noun); aeolations; eolations (pl)
Erosion of a land surface by wind-blown sand and dust: The aeolation on the sandstone surface made some gorgeous, artistic-like formations.
aeolian deposit, eolian deposit (s) (noun); aeolian deposits; eolian deposits (pl)
Wind-borne soil accumulations: There were a lot of people who had to clean the aeolian deposits off their windows after the severe wind storm finally ended.
aeolian, eolian (adjective); more aeolian, more eolian; most aeolian, most eolian
Pertaining to the effect of the wind: The aeolian action of the sand dunes in many African deserts resemble ocean waves.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "air, wind": aello-; aero-; anemo-; atmo-; austro-; flat-, flatu-; phys-; pneo-, -pnea; pneumato-; turb-; vent-; zephyro-.