deleter-, deleteri- +

(Greek: to harm, to hurt, to injure, to damage, to destroy; destroyer; harmful)

deleterious (adjective), more deleterious, most deleterious
1. Relating to a harmful result on someone or something; injurious: Face it, there is obviously a deleterious effect from smoking.
2. Etymology: from Middle Latin deleterius; from Greek deleterios, "noxious", from deleter, "destroyer", from deleisthai, "to hurt, to injure".
Relating to being harmful and a cause of physical injury.
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Pertaining to being morally bad.
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Characterized by being harmful, often in a subtle or unexpected way.
A condition in which something causes moral or physical injury; perniciousness, harmfulness, destructiveness; noxiousness.
Destructive; poisonous; that which destroys.