thermo-, therm-, thermi-, -thermia, -therm, -thermal, -thermic, -thermias, -thermies, -thermous, -thermy

(Greek: heat, heating, heater, hot, warm)

The term heat is employed in ordinary language in different senses. Some scientists distinguish four principal applications of the term:

  1. Sensation of heat.
  2. Temperature, or degree of hotness.
  3. Quantity of thermal energy.
  4. Radiant heat, or energy of radiation.

acrohypothermia (s) (noun), acrohypothermias (pl)
Abnormal coldness of the hands and feet: Acrohypothermia is often a condition in which patients with schizophrenia are commonly associated with "acrocyanosis", which is a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes when a spasm of the blood vessels is caused by exposure to cold or because of strong emotion.
acrohypothermy (s) (noun), acrohypothermies (pl)
An abnormal coldness of the extremities of the body: The elderly Mrs. Roberts often complained that her fingers, hands, toes, and feet were so chilly, so when she asked her doctor about it, he said that she had a case of acrohypothermy.
Not affected by radiant heat energy.
adiathermancy (s) (noun), adiathermancies (pl)
The condition of being impervious to or unaffected by heat waves: Jake's aunt often experienced adiathermancy and so she didn't find the heat of the desert all that uncomfortable.
adiathermanic (adjective), more adiathermanic, most adiathermanic
Impermeability to heat or not allowing heat to pass through or to diffuse.
adiathermanous (adjective), more adiathermanous, most adiathermanous
In physics, a reference to the inability to transmit radiant heat or not affected by heat: The new adiathermanous material was a great advantage for the plumbing and heating industry.
adiathermic (adjective), more adiathermic, most adiathermic
Characteristic of something that is not capable of transmitting radiant heat: The plumber installed adiathermic pipes in the basement of the building.
aerothermodynamics (s) (noun) (no pl)
The scientific research of the thermodynamic characteristics of gases: Aerothermodynamics is the branch of dynamics dealing with the relationship between heat and mechnical energy in the air and other gases.

Aerothermodynamics also pertains to the thermodynamic effects of air.

aerothermotherapy (s) (noun), aerothermotherapies (pl)
Treatment with currents of hot air: Aerothermotherapy is the therapeutic use of warmed air currents conveyed over the surface of the body.
An organism having a body temperature determined largely by the ambient or surrounding temperature.
A process by means of which high temperatures are produced by the combination of aluminium and oxygen.
1. In geology, a postglacial period extending from about 10,000 to 7,500 years ago, during which temperatures generally rose following the last major continental glacier advance.
2. Of or relating to any period during which temperatures are/were rising.
3. A period of time between the age of other strata or units of reference in which the temperature is increasing.

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