Diurnal and Nocturnal; Log-blog #11; Friday, September 21, 2007

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A mentor, a term for a valuable source of guidance

Besides other important maintenance for the Word Info site, a discussion with someone brought up the word "mentor" several times, and after investigating my lexicon entries, I discovered that I needed to include some information about the subject.

Other than the few entries relating to "mentor", I spent time going through some science magazines looking for appropriate articles which might contribute to the greater enlightenment of users.

No journal was written for yesterday because of other research and organization of additional materials for this site.

Two more illustrations for the English History project arrived today

There were two missing images which I had not received before for Part 22 of the "English and Its Historical Development" or "Modern English Period" page.

The last two images were missing out of the six which are shown on the page. Now, I am hoping that the next sets of illustrations will arrive so I can get the last parts of images included; and then, complete the text for this very large historical development of English whose vocabulary has been largely influenced by Latin and Greek words.

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