Diurnal and Nocturnal; Log-Blog #08; Monday, September 17, 2007

(another addition to the Word Info site of related articles)

Hypertrichosis and its treatment with X-rays and their negative results

Today's activities with the Word Info site consisted of reading and making a summary of excerpts from an article titled, "Nothing but a ray of light" seen in the September 8, 2007, New Scientist magazine.

One statement in the article, "Exposure to X-rays had a remarkable side effect: hair fell out." The article could be interpreted as referring to the dangers by medical scientists of having been, and too often still are, ignorant about the realities of the results of medical treatments.

One doctor was overheard on the radio as saying, "Medicine is more an art than a science."

Visitors may see the special article about the X-ray treatments of hypertrichosis at this link.

Anyway, the article is about the removal of what was believed to be "excessive hair" and so this is a good time to indicate the several word units dealing with the subject of "hair" and/or "beards", as shown in the following links to various "hair-related" units: alopec-; barba-; Beards; capillaro-; chaeto-; cirro-; coife; crino-; Hair & Beard Styles; hirsute; pilo-; pogo-; tricho-; villi-.

Additional words and links added today about "legs"

While looking through the tricho- unit of words, I saw one which was spelled "crurotrichosis" which first appeared to be a misspelling of a word and when I checked to see if the cruro- unit existed in the Word Info dictionary, I found that it was not in the list.

As I checked various medical, and other dictionaries, I was able to add a new unit of cruro- words.

Now there is also a new linking list of related "leg, legs" word units: cruro-; melo-; and skel-, scel-; all of which are available to those who do searches for either a "leg" or "legs", or one of the words in any of the units.

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