(Latin: sky-blue color; dark blue, azure)

atroceruleous, atroceruleus, atrocoeruleus
A deep blue-black color.
Blue; cerulean.
1. Referring to a deep blue color, like the sky on a clear day.
2. Azure; sky-blue.
3. The Latin word was applied by Roman authors to the sky, the Mediterranean, and occasionally to leaves or fields.
cerulean blue
1. A light-blue to strong greenish-blue color.
2. A pigment used in painting consisting mainly of oxides of tin and cobalt, chiefly characterized by its greenish-blue color and permanence.
cerulean cataract
A congenital cataract with bluish coloring and radial lesions; appears to be at least sometimes autosomal dominant (requiring only one affected parent to have the trait to pass it to offspring).
Tending to cerulean; light bluish.
locus ceruleus, locus coeruleus
A bluish area of the brain stem.
macula cerulea (s) (noun), maculae ceruleae (pl)
A bluish stain on the skin caused by the bites of fleas or lice located primarily on the chest, abdomen, thighs, and upper arms noticeable in light-skinned individuals: Maculae ceruleae are probably the result of altered blood pigments in infested individuals, or to an excretion product in the louse's saliva that converts bilirubin (a reddish-yellow bile pigment) to biliverdin (a green pigment occurring in bile).

The public health nurse noticed the presence of macula ceruleae among her street or homeless clients and reported this to the local health authorities.