cerebro-, cerebr-, cereb-, cerebri-

(Latin: brain; that part of the brain that is concerned with the coordination of body movements)

acerebral (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Pertaining to the lack of a brain: Some organisms are acerebral, like the jellyfish, coral, fungi, and bacteria.
2. Concerning a process without involving the brain: Tim's cell phone rang and he acted on an acerebral reflex by picking it up and answering it without thinking of excusing himself first from the meal with his boss.
cerebral (adjective), more cerebral, most cerebral
1. Of or relating to the brain or cerebrum: Mrs. Smith suddenly died of a cerebral hemorrhage.
2. Appealing to or requiring the use of the intellect: Jane's father seemed to be a cerebral person who couldn't show his emotional feelings.
cerebralgia, cervicalgia (s) (noun); cerebralgias; cervicalgias (pl)
A bad headache: Sarah came down with a cerebralgia which was sever and deep-seated, so she went to see her doctor about it.
cerebrate (verb), cerebrates; cerebrated; cerebrating
To indicate or to experience a mental activity; to think: James was cerebrating whether to go on vacation this month or next month.
To show mental activity.
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To think about a problem.
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To use one's brain.
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To be thinking about something.
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Abnormal softness of the cerebral parenchyma often due to ischemia or infarction.