stingu-, -stingu, stinct-, -stinct

(Latin: from -stingere and -stinguere, to separate; to quench, quenching; to wipe out, to obliterate; to goad, to stick; sticking, puncturing, probing)

distinguishably (adverb), more distinguishably, most distinguishably
Concerning how something or people can be perceived as being dissimilar: The children looked at the tulips and saw that they were distinguishably different from each other because one was red and the other one was white.
extinct (adjective), more extinct, most extinct
1. Relating to an animal or species which is not living anymore or is non-existent: When Gregory read a book about dinosaurs for his class at school, he found out that they have been extinct for 65 million years and that these fossil reptiles can only be seen in natural-history museums.
2. Concerning something which is no longer a reality: With advanced electronic equipment, it is most difficult to find a tape recorder or black and white TV sets because they have now become extinct!
3. Pertaining to a volcano which has not been active in recorded history: Richard and his children were able to look down into the extinct crater from which lava used to flow a long time ago.
4. Characterising something which is no longer burning: Before Tom and his fellow campers retired for the night, they put out the open-air fire and waited until it was completely extinct.
No longer existing in living form.
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No longer in use.
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extinction (s) (noun), extinctions (pl)
extinctive (adjective), more extinctive, most extinctive
extinguish (verb), extinguishes; extinguished; extinguishing
extinguishable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Possible to be destroyed or quenched: The candles on the table were extinguishable and were blown out before leaving the room.
2. Capable of putting an end to something: Tom's hope of marrying Susan turned out to be extinguishable due to her sudden death.
extinguisher (s) (noun), extinguishers (pl)
extinguishment (s) (noun), extinguishments (pl)
indistinct (adjective), more indistinct, most indistinct
indistinction (s) (noun), indistinctions (pl)
indistinctive (adjective), more indistinctive, most indistinctive
indistinctively (adverb), more indistinctively, most indistinctively
indistinctiveness (s) (noun) (no plural)
indistinctly (adjective), more indistinctly, most indistinctly
indistinctness (s) (noun), indistinctnesses (pl)