soil- +

(Latin: bottom; under surface; earth, dirt)

soil geography
The branch of physical geography dealing with the geographical distribution of various soil types.
soil microbiology
The branch of microbiology that deals with micro-organisms found in the soil, including their functions and their effects on the growth and maintenance of plant life.
soil moisture
Water stored in, or at, the continental surface and subject to evaporation.
soil profile
A section through the soil showing the different layers from the surface soil to underlying bedrock.
soil quality
The ability of a given area or type of soil to provide functions of value to humans; such as, biomass production, water filtration, biodegradation of pollutants, or soil carbon sequestration (technologies that can separate and store carbon dioxide in reservoirs of earth other than in the atmosphere).
soil science (s) (noun), soil sciences (pl)
The scientific study of the formation, properties, distribution, and classification of soil as a natural resource.
soil structure (s), soil structures (pl) (noun forms)
The extent to which soil aggregates are developed, and their sizes and shapes.
soil survey
The systematic examination, description, classification, and mapping of soils in a given area.
soil texture
The property of the soil which depends on the size of the mineral particles and which controls aeration and drainage.
soil thermograph
An instrument that creates a photographic representation of the heat of a designated underground area.

It consists of a sensing element that transmits data to a remote recording device.

soil thermometer, earth thermometer
An instrument, commonly a mercury-in-glass thermometer, that is used to measure the temperature of soils.
soil types
Soils that include clay, sand, earth, dirt, loam, etc.
soil water
Water in the zone of aeration immediately below the ground surface.
soil, soil
soil (SOIL) (noun)
The top layer of the earth in which plants grow: "These plants will grow very well in moist soil."

"The soil around here is very sandy."

soil (SOIL) (noun)
To make something dirty or unclean: "Yes, she did soil her dress when she spilled the milk shake in her lap."

If anyone works in garden soil, then that person should expect to soil the clothing that is being worn.

soil, soils, soiled, soiling (verb forms)
1. Making something dirty: "The children were always soiling their clothes when they went out into the yard to play."

"The farmer soiled his hands and pants with oil and grease while he was working on the tractor motor."

2. To become dirty: "She was told that this fabric soils easily and that this other material will not soil nearly as much."

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