sepulc-, sepul- +

(Latin: to bury; a grave, a tomb)

sepulcher, repository
1. A burial place; especially, one found or made in a rock or solidly built of stone; a tomb; a vault.
2. A receptacle for sacred relics; especially, in an altar slab.
3. A vault in which a corpse is buried.
1. Suggesting or possessing characteristics associated with the grave; for example, gloominess.
2. Relating to burial vaults or funerals and burials.
3. Suggestive of burial or the grave; dismal; gloomy.
4. Unnaturally low and hollow in tone; such as, a voice.
1. Descriptive of a burial or the grave.
2. A reference to sadness and gloominess as related to a funeral.
1. A reference to the act of placing in a sepulcher or tomb.
2. Descriptive of a burial.
The act of entombing; a burial.
The practice of burying people alive; usually by accident, because there was no perception that they were still living.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "bury, burial, cemetery, grave; sleeping place": coimetro-; Epitaphs; funer-; sheol; tapho-.