(Latin: to equip; to prepare, to furnish, to fit out)

adorn (verb), adorns; adorned; adorning
1. To add decoration or ornamentation to something: At Christmas time the Jackson family adorned their Christmas tree with candles and tinsel.
2. To add to the beauty or glory of something or someone: Grace adorned her hair with flowers and beads.
adornment (s) (noun), adornments (pl)
ornament (s) (noun), ornaments (pl)
ornamental (adjective), more ornamental, most ornamental
ornamentally (adverb), more ornamentally, most ornamentally
ornamentation (s) (noun), ornamentations (pl)
ornamented (adjective), more ornamented, most ornamented
Relating to being rich or embellished in decorative details.
ornate (adjective), most ornate, most ornate
1. Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented.
2. Flashy, showy, or florid in style or manner; flowery.
ornately (adverb), more ornately, most ornately
ornateness (s) (noun), ornatenesses (pl)
suborn (suh BORN) (verb), suborns; suborned; suborning
1. To urge or to persuade someone secretly to do or to commit an unlawful or evil act: The con man attempted to suborn his friends into robbing the bank.
2. To lie or to obtain perjured testimony from a witness in a court of law: Mike was accused of suborning a witness who knew nothing about the crime, which turned out to be true, because he suborned his neighbor to testify in his behalf.
3. To bribe or to induce someone to unlawfully or secretly perform some misdeed or to commit a crime: Bruce was suborned by his friend to use another person's credit card to get some money.

A man was caught in the act of trying to suborn a youth to snatch a purse from a customer in the store.

4. Etymology: "to procure by bribery, to lure someone to commit a crime"; from Middle French, suborner, from Latin subornare, "to equip, to prepare", from sub, "under, secretly" + ornare "to equip, to provide".
Bribing someone to do something unlawful.
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subornation (s) (noun), subornations (pl)
The acquiring of or getting someone to do a criminal act; especially, to commit perjury.
suborner (s) (noun), suborners (pl)
Someone who procures another person to commit an illegal or wrongful action; especially, to take a false oath as part of a judicial proceeding.