opin- +

(Latin: to suppose, to think, to judge)

1. To speak one's opinion without fear or hesitation.
2. To expect, to believe, or to suppose.
3. To express an opinion, or to express something as your opinion.
Having stated or expressed an opinion or belief.
When someone holds or expresses an opinion.
Holding and stating something as one’s opinion.
1. The view someone takes about an issue; especially, when it is based solely on personal judgment: "In my opinion, the study of vocabulary is essential to a superior education."
2. A view regarding the worth of someone or something: "For some reason, they don't seem to have a very good opinion of what I am striving to accomplish."
3. An expert assessment of something: "She told the dentist that she wanted a second opinion before he started to pull out so many teeth."
4. The view or views held by most people or by a large number of people: "Political polls are used to establish trends and other political opinions."
5. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.
6. In law, a conclusion drawn from the observation of the facts.
opinionable (adjective), more opinionable, most opinionable
Capable of having a thought or view about something or someone: Joan's cousin was a very opinionable person and uttered her notions about the new mayor a number of times when having tea with some friends in the café.
opinionated (adjective), more opinionated, most opinionated
1. A reference to someone who is obstinate or stubbornly persistent in his or her viewpoint: Mary was very opinionated and uncompromising on her notions and ideas of women's rights.
2. Relating to a person who is always ready to express personal ideas and tending to hold to them stubbornly, unreasonably dismissing other people's views: Nancy was very opinionated and had a hard time getting along at work because she never listened to or tolerated the ideas of her colleagues.
3. Etymology: from Latin opinari, "to think".
Characteristic of being narrow minded about what one considers to be the truth.
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Descriptive of someone who unduly adheres to his/her own opinions or to preconceived notions.
The process of holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one's own opinions.