(Latin: merx, wares, merchandise)

merchandise (s) (noun), merchandises (pl)
Commodities which are offered for sale: One item which can be bought can also be termed as merchandise, along with different types, including cargo, stock (which a store has on hand), piece or yard goods, and software products, which involve computer usage.
merchandiser (s) (noun), merchandisers
A person who is a shopkeeper or salesperson, principally in the retail business: Jerry's father was a merchandiser who made and sold lovely hats to wealthy ladies who wanted to be quite fashionable.
merchant (s) (noun), merchants
An individual who owns or works in a retail business selling commodities: Janet loved to stroll down crooked cobblestoned roads in little towns buying some handmade pots from one merchant and some honey from another merchant.
merchantable (adjective), more merchantable, most merchantable
Descriptive of a commodity which is appropriate for selling at a standard or normal price: The clothes Mary made were of merchantable quality, possessing enough superiority and refinement to be purchased by customers at the boutique in town.
Monopolia dicitur, cum unus solus aliquod genus mercature universum emit, pretium ad suum libitum statuens. (a legal statement in Latin)
Translation: "It is said to be a monopoly when one person alone buys up the whole of one kind of commodity, fixing a price at his own pleasure."
niche market, niche marketing (s) (noun); niche markets, niche marketings (pl)
A business or commercial enterprise in which a limited and clearly defined range of products is sold to a specific group of customers: Such a niche market is especially meant for those who place a lot of value on the quality of the item or product they want and are willing to pay a high price for it.
silent commerce (s) (noun), silent commerces (pl)
This term covers all business solutions enabled by tagging, tracking, sensing and other technologies, including RFID, which make everyday objects intelligent and interactive: When combined with continuous and pervasive internet connectivity, silent commerce forms a new infrastructure that enables companies to collect data and deliver services without human interaction.
unmarketable (adjective), more unmarketable, most unmarketable
Referring to something which is not suitable or fit for sale: All the flowers in the shop were either dying or totally wilted, and so they were unmarketable and couldn't be purchased by the customers.