jut-, juv- +

(Latin: help, give assistance)

1. Skillful arrangement in aid; assistance.
2. The office of an adjutant: "His position as an adjutancy allows him certain privileges which probably would not exist otherwise."
1. A staff officer who helps a commanding officer with administrative affairs.
2. A military officer who does office work and who is responsible for rules and punishment among the lower ranks.
3. Etymology: "a military officer who assists superior officers"; from Latin adjutantem, adjutans, adjutare, "to give help to, to help zealously, to serve"; frequentative of adjuvare past participle of adjutus, "help, assist, aid, support"; from ad-, "to" + juvare, "to help, to give strength, to support".
A helper or assistant.
Serving to help or assist; helping.
A female helper or assistant.
1. A drug or agent added to another drug or agent to enhance its medical effectiveness.
2. A substance injected along with an antigen to enhance the immune response stimulated by the antigen.
3. Something that helps or assists.
adjuvante deo
With the favor of God or with His help.
aid (AYD)
1. Help, assist, abet, lend assistance, give a helping hand; support, give support to: "There are not enough organizations that give aid to the poor."
2. Foster, further, promote, advance; facilitate, make easy, serve: "A good dictionary is an essential aid in the improvement of the English language."
3. Etymology: about 1400, from Old French aidier, "help, assistance"; from Latin adjutare, frequentative of adiuvare and adjutus, "to give help to".
aide (AYD)
An assistant or an aide-de-camp: "An officer in a military organization who serves as an assistant and confidential secretary to a superior officer."
1. Someone who helps.
2. An assistant, or auxiliary.
3. Someone who provides with what is useful or necessary in achieving an end.
coadjutant (s) (noun), coadjutants (pl)
A helper or an assistant: The coadjutant is someone who is a partner in special kinds of work; such as, an editorial associate; a senator's supporter; a teacher’s backer; a politician's lieutenant; a second coach; a certified nursing aide, etc.
coadjuting (adjective), more coadjuting, most coadjuting
A reference to mutually aiding or helping someone.
coadjutor (s) (noun), coadjutors (pl)
A helper or a co-worker.
coadjutorship, co-adjutorship (s) (noun); coadjutorships, co-adjutorships (pl)
A colleague or an associate who works with another person or a staff of employees.
coadjutress (s) (noun), coadjutresses (pl)
A female assistant or co-worker.