(Latin: a very close friend; a close relationship with someone)

intimacy (s) (IN tuh muh see) (noun), intimacies(pl)
1. The state of being a very close friend: Jack and Hank have had an intimacy for years and it still exists today with each other and their family members.
2. A close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group: Peter has an intimacy with his local church friends for as long as he can remember.
3. A strong association with, devotion to, or deep understanding of a place, a subject, a period of history, etc.: Tim's neighborliness or intimacy has made his home a happy place to live.
4. An act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, fondness, etc.: The faculty members of the school had an intimacy of using their first names with each other.
5. Privacy; especially, as suitable to the telling of confidential information: Ted, and his sister, have shared their confidential information during the intimacy of their many telephone conversations.
intimate (IN tuh mit) (adjective), more intimate, most intimate
1. Pertaining to having, involving, or resulting from a close personal relationship: Isaac and Isabel knew each other for several years and as a result of their intimate associations, they became husband and wife.
2. A reference to a quiet and private or secluded situation that enables people to feel relaxed with each other: Arlene and Arnold invited their most intimate friends to their tenth wedding celebration.
3. Regarding something that is so private and personal as to be kept secret or discussed only with a close friend or relative: Leslie was a prisoner in jail because he had an intimate confidant who told the police about his criminal activities.
Someone to whom secrets are shared.
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4. Referring to being very close because of the influence of one thing on another: A personal diary is a very intimate book.
5. Descriptive of being detailed as a result of extensive studies or close experiences: Adam had an intimate knowledge of the workings of the government and so he was a valuable advisor for his country's leader.
6. Relating to something that is intended to be worn next to the skin or in a private setting: Shirley was wearing intimate apparel when her husband came home from his business trip.
7. Referring to friendship and mutual goodwill: After years of fighting, the cat and dog now have intimate relations or amity for each other.
Friendly and peaceful relations.
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8. Etymology: from Late Latin intimatus, from intimare, "to make known, to announce, to notify, to impress deeply upon"; from Latin intimus, "close friend".

The meaning of closely acquainted, is first recorded in English in 1635, from the Latin sense. An earlier form intime, "very familiar, intimate" (before 1618), was borrowed from Middle French intime, learned borrowing from Latin intimus.

intimately (IN tuh muht li) (adverb), more intimately, most intimately
Conveying and exhibiting a close and very friendly manner: The two people are intimately touching or contacting each other in a cordial and amicable way.
Promoting an intinately and friendly behavior.
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intimateness (s) (IN tuh muht nuhs) (noun) (no plural)
1. A close acquaintance, association, or familiarity with someone or other people: Jerry had a close intimateness or friendship with his sister, Elizabeth, when they were children and even after they had grown up and married separate spouses.
2. A relationship that involves informality and friendliness: The physical trainers at Bill's fitness studio expressed a great deal of intimateness with their members.
3. Women's clothing that is worn next to the skin and under outer garments: Joan was going to a store that sells apparel that specializes in intimateness for those who are wearing such garments.

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