(Latin: to encourage, to urge strongly)

abhort (verb), abhorts; abhorted; abhorting
To advise by strongly urging: "The teacher was abhorting her students to settle down and to finish their class assignment before the end of the period."
adhortation (s) (noun), adhortations (pl)
dehort (verb), dehorts; dehorted; dehorting
1. To try to dissuade; that is, to convince or to persuade others not to do something: "The father dehorted his children not to smoke even when they were older because it could only ruin their health."
2. To urge to abstain or to refrain from doing something: "The business adviser was dehorting his clients not to invest so much money in one particular business, but to diversify into other areas for their financial safety."
dehortation (s) (noun), dehortatons (pl)
dehortative (adjective), more dehortative, most dehortative
dehortatory (ajective), more dehortatory, most dehortatory
dehorter (s) (noun), dehorters (pl)
enhort (verb), enhorts; enhorted; enhorting
To strongly encourage: "The king was enhorting his people to resist the invaders and that he was sure that if they worked together they could drive their enemies away."
exhort (verb), exhorts; exhorted; exhorting
To make a passionate, authoritative command or urging to do something: The coach was exhorting his football team to get a good night's sleep before the game the following day.

The fitness trainer continuously exhorts his elderly clients to eat properly and to exercise at least four or five times a week so they can extend their lives in good physical condition.

To strongly advise or to urge people to give up a habit.
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exhortation (s) (noun), exhortations (pl)
A strong effort to influence other people with words or advice: "The politician was presenting exhortations to her fellow law makers to support the new tax proposal."

"The mother's exhortation to her son to quit making so much noise didn't have much influence on his behavior."

exhortative (adjective), more exhortative, most exhortative
exhortatively (adverb), more exhortatively, most exhortatively
exhortatory (adjective), more exhortatory, most exhortatory
exhorted (adjective), more exhorted, most exhorted
exhorter (s) (noun), exhorters (pl)