front-, fronto-

(Latin: forehead, brow, the forepart of anything; that which projects)

effrontery (s) (noun), effronteries (pl)
1. Insolent or impertinent behavior: Frank thought it was an affrontery for Mike to barge into the party uninvited.

Effrontery consists of an attitude of someone who does something very boldly and without shame even though it is wrong or offensive in some way.

2. Arrogance or rudeness: Mildred had the effrontery of taking an extra piece of cake even when her mother told her not to.
A shameless undisguised arrogance.
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A brazon behavior or impudence.
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front (adjective)
1. Situated at, on, or near the front of something, or placed farther forward than others; anterior, foremost, forward: "See the small statue on the front lawn."
2. Located at the side or end that faces forward: "Theres a big dent on the front end of the car."
front (s), fronts (pl) (noun forms)
1. The part or surface that faces forward, that is intended to be seen first, has the main entrance, or is facing the direction of motion or the direction which people face.
2. The forward area or the area, section, or position just ahead of, close to, or at the forward part of something.
3. The facade of a building, especially the one that faces the street, or a part of it.
4. The direction straight ahead or a place or position approximately ahead of someone.
5. A leading position or a prominent or leading position in any field of activity; such as, companies that are at the front of practical and advanced auto production.
6. A manner or type of behavior adopted by someone in order to deal with a situation or to disguise the person's true feelings: "She put on a calm front despite the near collision with a big truck."
7. An apparently respectable person, organization, or business acting as a cover for some illegal or secret activities: "The clothing store was a front for money laundering."
8. A military battle zone or an area where armies are facing one another, or where fighting between armies is taking place: "We have many soldiers returning from the front in Afghanistan."
9. The width of territory occupied or defended by an army or a military unit facing an enemy or the direction in which troops are facing when formed in line.
10. In meteorology, a line along which one mass of air meets another which is different in temperature or density.
11. The part of a garment, or the clothing, which covers the chest and stomach area, etc. of the body.
12. In weather conditions, a transition zone or interface between two air masses of different densities, which usually means different temperatures; for example, the area of convergence between warm, moist air, and cool, dry air.
front axle of a vehicle, steer axle
The most forward axle used for steering and the axle to which the front wheels are attached.
front end
The body area of vehicles that includes the leading edge of the fenders, the headlights, the radiator grille, and bumper; that is, the full area that makes up the frontal appearance of a motor vehicle.
front, fronts, fronting, fronted (verb forms)
1. If an area or building fronts something or fronts on or onto it, it has that thing at the front of it; so, to have a front; to face onto something else.
2. To be in front of something; such as, to be the leader or main representative of a group.
3. To provide an apparently respectable cover for a secret or for illegal activities: "They found out that he was fronting for the mafia."
frontage road
A road that parallels a larger highway and provides access to communities, stores, etc.

Frontage or service roads limit the number of entrance and exit points onto a major roadway, reducing conflicts and improving safety.

frontal crash, frontal impact
An accident that involves the front end of a vehicle which is damaged.
frontal passage, fropa
The passage of a weather front over a specific point on the surface.

It is reflected by a change in dew point and temperature, the shift in wind direction, and a change in atmospheric pressure.

In addition, the passage of a weather front may include precipitation and clouds.

frontal-temporal dementia
Any of several degenerative conditions of the frontal and anterior temporal lobes that cause personality and behavioral changes sometimes mistaken for those of Alzheimer's disease and may eventually progress to immobility and loss of speech.

There isn't the memory loss seen in Alzheimer's disease, but there is often hyperorality (the excessive placing of inedible objects into the mouth).

front-end impact
An impact that is the result of a head-on collision or a frontal collision.
front-end loader
An off-road vehicle that has a forked loading device in the forward area which is used to load and to unload cargo and other materials for trucks and other carriers.