(Latin: letter; message)

epistle (s) (noun), epistles (pl)
1. When capitalized, one of the letters adopted as books of the New Testament in the Bible.
2. A composition in the form of a written letter.
3. Etymology: from Middle English, "letter"; from Anglo-French, from Latin epistula, epistola. "letter"; from Greek epistol?, "message, letter"; from epistellein, "to send to"; from epi-, "on, upon, above" + stellein "to send".
epistolary (adjective), more epistolary, most epistolary
1. A reference to something that is contained in or which is carried on by a written, typed, or printed communication: Some people still enjoy the forms of epistolary or graphic correspondence which they get in their mailbox next to their front door!
2. Related to anything that is written in the form of a series of letters: Messages have have been written in an epistolary style for centuries.
3. Etymology: it appeared in English four centuries after "epistle" and can be used to describe something related to or contained in an envelope by mail or messenger; as in, "epistolary greetings" or composed of letters; as in, "an epistolary story".

This term of epistolary came from the noun "epistle" which refers to "a composition written in the form of a letter to a particular person or group."

In its original sense, "epistle" referred to one of the 21 letters; such as, those from the apostle Paul which are found in the New Testament Bible.

Dating from the 13th century, epistle came into English by way of Anglo-French and Latin from the Greek noun epistol-, meaning "message" or "letter."

A reference to being in letters.
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Pertaining to letter writing.
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epistolatry (s) (noun), epistolatries (pl)
The worship of or an excessive devotion to letters or correspondence; such as, a piece of handwritten or printed text addressed to a recipient and typically sent by mail.
epistolic (adjective), more epistolic, most epistolic
Pertaining to letters in the form or style of written letters or messages.
epistolography (s) (noun), epistolographies (pl)
Written or composed letters or messages.